NEW ALBUM "DIRT ON YOUR HANDS" to be released June 2, 2017

""Dirt On Your Hands" showcases a breezy soulfulness that feels like it was conceived quietly on a front porch but doesn't forget to turn up the volume loud enough for the neighbors hear it rock" NewsOK Blog -Nathan Poppe 7


"..In a category beyond the fare one normally finds on the country radio dial"  

| 3-30-17


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        HERE WITH YOU  

 2010 -Produced by Jared Tyler & Chuck Zwicky.

 Blue Alleluia Music    Recorded and produced in Tulsa, OK

-"With the new disc, Tyler builds upon his debut with what feels like the logical progression from Blue Alleluia. Tyler has always been something of an enigmatic artist: his writing blurs boundary lines by combining country, folk and bluegrass influences with soul and R&B. The final product has enough of an earthy, gritty quality that could classify his music as Americana. Despite any outside influence or instrumentation, the songs are ultimate pure pop songs from an amazingly insightful songwriter.  Aside from the personal growth that is evident in Tyler's writing, the disc also stands out from its predecessor in that it sounds every bit as polished and professional as Blue Alleluia, yet was recorded almost fully in Tulsa instead of New York and Nashville, as the previous disc was.  Throughout, the overarching message is love and that it's universal, perhaps best expressed when he simply cores out "Turn to love, Turn to love" in "Pain of the World." It's a message that's timeless and poignant -- much like this record should prove to be."   G.H Hizer  Urban Tulsa 2010

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Produced by Russ Titelman Walking Liberty Records 2006.

     -Solo debut record featuring guests Emmylou Harris, Mary Kay Place, Willy Weeks and more.

-"Jared Tyler’s release Blue Alleluia on Walking Liberty Records is a fine mixture of roots/Cajun/new-grass and the new urban sounds of hip-hop. With a voice that is parts Aaron Neville the sultry side of Stevie Wonder and that Southern white-boy twang, Jared brings his own soul to light with well tuned melodies and smart emotional lyrics. The track “Dancer” especially shows this emotion when Jared sings about a visit to his grandmother’s nursing home and he asks where all the old memories go … it seems we all were something in a life somewhere long ago. The title track “Blue Alleluia” uses scratching and electronic sounds but also has the acoustic instruments trying hard to imitate them. Head bobbing rhythms and fist shaking lyrics make this a track to download.  Tyler has created a really fine piece of work that flows from track one to eleven and is definitely a keeper for any CD collection." ~ Darryl Gregory   -Unsigned Underground



Produced by Michael Garrett -  

Moo Town Records 1996

    A musical tribute to FFA.  Songs written Jared Tyler, Michael Garrett, Buddy Owens, and Kim Grazier.   





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Guest Appearances



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Jesse Aycock              Life's Ladder   2006  -Producer, Engineer, Mandolin, Dobro, Electric Guitar, EBow, Background Vocal

Chris Lee Becker        Imaginary Friends  2014   - Producer, accompaniment

Luke Bulla                   Who Loves You Better   2016  -Luke recorded "Lonsome for Willard"

Duncan Burr               It Sounded Better In My Head  2006  Producer, Engineer, Lap Steel, Dobro, Bass, Electric Guitar

The Doldrums             Self-titled   2006   -Mixing Engineer  

Travis Fite                   Walk In The Light   -Engineer, Lap Steel, Harmony Vocals   2011

"Four Sheets to the Wind"  2007 -Independent Film by Sterlin Harjo  -Produced and co-wrote song featured in soundtrack

Sage Flower                Arrow  - Mandolin, Harmony Vocals, Co-producer/engineer

Goshen                        Trixie   -Dobro

Lata Gouveia              Tulsa Sessions  -Oahu acoustic slide, Producer/Engineer

Michael Gulezian        Language of the Flame  -Dobro

Harmonious Monk      Self-titled   -Mixing Engineer, E Bow

Malcolm Holcombe     Live at The Living Room   NYC   -Dobro, Harmony Vocals

Malcolm Holcombe     Live at Eddie's Attic   -Dobro, Harmony Vocals

Malcolm Holcombe     Killing the Blues   Soundtrack of movie SLAUGHTER RULE  -Dobro, E Bow, Harmony Vocals

Malcolm Holcombe     Goin' Home   (unreleased)  -Dobro, E Bow, Lap Steel, Harmony Vocals

Malcolm Holcombe     Not Forgotten  -Lap Steel, Dobro, E Bow, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Slide Guitar

Malcolm Holcombe     For the Mission Baby  -Lap Steel, Dobro, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Slide Oahu

Malcolm Holcombe     To Drink the Rain  -Producer, Dobro, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Slide

Malcolm Holcombe     Pitiful Blues  2014 -Producer, accompaniment

Malcolm Holcombe     RCA Sessions DVD  2015 -Accompanying Malcolm and appearing on the live performance

Malcolm Holcombe     Another Black Hole   2016  - Accompanying on many instruments and vocals.

Malcolm Holcombe     Pretty Little Troubles  2017  -Dobro, Background Vocals, Mandola,

Andrew Jacob Holm    Reap What you Sow - Producer/Engineer, Mando, Oahu slide, BGV's, Banjo, Ebo

Holiday Harvest CD   Oklahoma Food Bank   "So Long We've Waited"   -Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Producer & Engineer

Brandon Jenkins         Live at the Blue Door  -Dobro

Brandon Jenkins        Down in Flames  -(Clean) Lap Steel Guitar

Brandon Jenkins        Unmended  -E-Bow, Lap Steel Guitar, Guitar (Resonator)

Brandon Jenkins        Down in Flames  -Lap Steel Guitar

Brandon Jenkins        Faster than a Stone   -Lap Steel Guitar, Vocals

Brandon Jenkins        Brothers of the Dirt   -Lap Steel, Vocals

JFJO                           A Day in Brooklyn  -Mixing engineer

Keyless Entry            tba    -Engineer, Background vocals

Jamie Kindleyside      Americana Blue  -Lap steel, dobro, mando, acoustic/electric, bgv's, Producer/engineer

Robin Macy                Songs from the Garden"  -dobro, lap steel, national acoustic lap guitar

TJ McFarland            Storm Clouds  -Recording & Mixing Engineer, Lap Steel

TJ McFarland            Rosenbum's Gin  -Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Slide

John Moreland          High on Tulsa Heat  2015  -Dobro, Engineer

John Moreland          Big Bad Luv  2017   -Dobro, Oahu Slide

Don Morris                Backroads   -Dobro

Red Dirt Sampler Volume 2   Tribute to Woody Guthrie     - "Boy From Oklahoma"  -Lead Vocals, Guitar

Al Rey                        Ancient Dreams   -Recording & Mixing Engineer

Al Rey                        Ancient Celebrations  -Guitar, Lap Steel, Harmony Vocals, Engineer, Co-Producer

Al Rey                        Ancient Celebrations 2 -Guitar, Lap Steel, Harmony Vocals, Engineer, Co-Producer

Steve Ripley              Ripley    -Banjo

"The Rockin Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher"  -Movie soundtrack (recording /mixing engineer)

Tandy                         The Bloodroot Transcriptions  -Vocals

Monica Taylor           Cimarron Valley Girl  2006  -Engineer, Background Vocals, Dobro

Monica Taylor           Cotton Shirt  2009  -Producer,Engineer, Gtr., Dobro,Banjo,Background Vocals

Three Penny Upright  Self-titled    -Producer, Engineer, Background Vocals, Mando, Dobro

Toyota Commercial   "Scale" for Tundra Trucks  featured during 2007 Superbowl   -Vocals, Engineer

The Tractors               Fast Girl -Harmony Vocals

The Tractors               Farmers in a Changing World   -Singer

The Tractors               Children's Record  -Banjo

David Wilcox              Vista -Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background), Guitar (Acoustic), Dobro

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