2018 hit the ground running with a lot of new music in the works!  It's an honor to be a part of many new and exciting records  including Malcolm Holcombe, Carter Sampson, Chris Lee Becker, Greg Jacobs, Nellie Clay, Kaylin Fay, Seth Lee Jones as well as my own.

Malcolm's new record, "Come Hell Or High Water," will be coming out this September 14, and this one is special folks! Featuring Iris Dement, Greg Brown, Marco Giovinni, and myself on a collection of Malcolm's newest works.  These new songs are as poignant and relative as ever, and need to be heard.  We're going to be touring together in September across North Carolina, Tennesee, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and hope to see your smiling faces:)

Big thanks to Nathan Barnes for the great lyric videos he made possible. "Norway" is the latest one featuring footage I took of snowmelt streams outside of Harestua, Norway. 

There's new music in the oven here at the homestead, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.soon..  

Much Peace~Jared    6/18


Enthusiastic review from LoneStar Time!  


"Dirt On Your Hands" ...  a work of rare finesse that intrigues from the first to the last note.  -Remo Ricaldone (Lonestar Time - Italy)

 Jared Tyler has put together a beauty of an album and needs to be heard.  Here is the title track from the album, titled Dirt On Your Hands.  Consider this only a taste.  The album is packed with outstanding songs.- Bob Segarini


“Tyler’s rich, soulful voice and confident delivery (and subject matter) put it in a category beyond the fare one normally finds on the country radio dial.”—Red Dirt Report

“I freakin love this album…I recommend everyone check this one out.”—Sister Dorothy Blog

“Pushing the envelop of roots/Americana, Tyler yummily mixes old timey, folk, country blues and the rest of the magilla into a roux that can be rolled out in a mix or individually to great effect.”—Midwest Record 

“The new 12-song release begins with the country/folk/Americana sound of "Death Of Me" as you get a care-free style of music that makes you just pause and take notice.”—JP’s Music Blog

"Jared Tyler exemplifies the way that contemporary country music continues to return to its rawest roots on his third album." By Gregg Shapiro for OutClique LGBTQ Pride Playlist 2017   Click here for the link.


Check out the KUSH Spring 2017 Home Magazine for a nice article by Molly Payne about the new record.   


Twangville Review   5-5-17  " Like Chris Stapleton or Margo Price, Jared Tyler has survived the mainstream Nashville gloss and delivered a heartfelt tribute to his roots." May 04, 2017 By    Click Here  


Interview with Jared at the  Daily Country 5-1-17


"Dirt On Your Hands" showcases a breezy soulfulness that feels like it was conceived quietly on a front porch but doesn't forget to turn up the volume loud enough for the neighbors hear it rock" . Nathan Poppe

Click Here for the NEWSOK/Oklahoman Interview with Jared Tyler


"If you like Norah Jones or Ben Harper this album is right up your alley. I freakin love this album! This one made it to my iTunes library!"     - Sister Dorthy Review 4-16-17   Click Here


Red Dirt Report  3-30-17

"Tyler’s rich, soulful voice and confident delivery (and subject matter) put it in a category beyond the fare one normally finds on the country radio dial." |  Click Here For the Link to the review.



GratefulWeb Review  4-3-17   Click Here



"DIRT ON YOUR HANDS"  released June 2, 2017

Check out the reviews:  Reddirt Report,, NewsOK/Oklahoman

I had the honor of playing on Malcolm Holcombe's 2017 release "Pretty Little Troubles"

Produced by the prodigious Darrell Scott. I played dobro, baritone resonator, mandola, mandolin, and harmony vocals alongside Darrell, Malcolm Holcombe, Verlon Thompson.   

Get one NOW!

Jared had the honor of playing on these fine records:

John Moreland          Big Bad Luv  2017   -Link to NewsOK review.


  John Moreland's 2016 release High On Tulsa Heat Check it out HERE



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